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Visit Ricci Marmi, select an area and look at the pictures

In the laboratory, raw slabs enter to be processed, with the latest equipment, into construction elements and furnishings
Inside the sawmill blocks are transformed into slabs of any thickness
In the showroom we show our customers materials and products we can provide them



Office / Showroom


Ricci Marmi, with diamond multi-blade chassis, CNC machines and the latest equipment. is one of the most modern and complete companies in the marble sector.

The Ricci family guarantees the expertise of over sixty years of experience in the transformation of blocks of marble and stone into slabs, semi-finished and finished products while the third generation is working to identify new trends and meet the needs of today's market.

IIn the early 50s Mario Ricci started working with marble in a small workshop in the village of Riccione (Rimini). In 1954, he founded in Ravenna the first marble sawmill in the area. Seven years later, there were three sand-powered multi-blade chassis cutting marble day and night for 365 days a year.

In the late 70s the first automatic control sawmills were tested and developed revolutionizing the technology for cutting granite in the world.

Since the 80s, Ricci Marmi became one of the few companies with all the necessary machinery to transform raw blocks into finished slabs and finished marble, stone and granite.

Recently, we started to apply to porcelain (gres) our experience in processing stone by collaborating with leading companies in the sector.


In the charity project do ut do Ricci Marmi collaborated with the architect Aldo Cibic for the realization of a vessel in Grigio Fantastico titled: vederti meglio

This is a miniaturised landscape, a small upland realised with two types of stone: one is the base with, in the middle, a sapling bearing an inlet where a small ladder is insered, realised in a darker marble, ideally functioning a san access to the upper side (Aldo Cibic)

do ut do is a two-year initiatives promoted by Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli to raise money for the Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus